EIC of Bhagwant University,Ajmer has been established with the dual objective of creating entrepreneurial spirit among students and to establish a platform for innovative ,constructive and mutually beneficial interactions among academic and industry.
• To inculcate entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the Students.
• To develop entrepreneurship student groups and to motivate them to start up their business.
• To orient faculty members on the need and importance of entrepreneurial spirit among the students in the campus
• To organize internal events like Entrepreneurship Week,, Business plan contest, etc that infuses the entrepreneurial spirit in to the curriculum
• To conduct interactive sessions with the successful entrepreneurs and create a mentorship scheme for student entrepreneurs
• To assist aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing new business, through consultancy and business advisory services
• To conduct one Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in each semester
• To arrange for suitable interactions with successful entrepreneurs through guest lectures, seminars, one to one interactions etc for every three months
• To sign up for appropriate MOUs with industry associations, institutions for each semester
• To conduct specific skill development programmes relating to Entrepreneurship – one in each semester
• To organize an international conference relating to Entrepreneurship Development, thereby laying a platform for budding entrepreneurs for each academic year.
• A 2- day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was organized on 28th & 29th April’2014
• A debate competition was organized on “Entrepreneurship or Job-The better Choice”