Agriculture Science

Students will be trained in core skills like water resource management, forestry, mining and rehabilitation, food processing, peri-urban and rural development, machine development and many more. Agricultural graduate can work in NGOs under various schemes and projects. Agricultural graduate may perform tasks such as planning, supervising and managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood and water control systems, perform environmental impact assessments and interpret research results and implement relevant practices.

There are excellent career opportunities in Agricultural sector for graduates in India. The profession is now far from the traditional perception of the people towards agriculture.

Some areas of Job Opportunities for Agriculture Students are as follows: 
A-Public sector- 
1.State government – 
A- Village Development Officer 
B- Soil Conservation Officer 
C- Assistant Plant Protection Officer 
D- Training Officer 
E- Agriculture Extension Officer 
F- Farm manager 
G- Seed Production Officer 
H- Agriculture Inspector 
I- Horticulture Inspector 
J- Agriculture Marketing Inspector 
K- Dairy Manager 
L- Assistant Plantation Manager 
M- Seed Quality Control Manager 
N- Agriculture Field Officer in Banks 

2.University – 
A- Lab assistant 
B- Technical assistant 
C- Seed production officer 
D- Pest and Weed Controller 
E- Assistant Research Officer 

B- private sector- 
A- Seed Production Officer 
B- Marketing Manager 
C- Sales Executive 

C- Self employment: 
A- Agriclinic 
B- Nursery raising 
C- Mushroom culture 
D- Apiculture






2.5-5 Yrs.


P.G. with 55%in relevant stream

M.Sc. (Agriculture)

2 Years


UG with 50% in relevant stream


Genetics and Plant Breeding


4 Yrs.

Agriculture (2 Shift)

12th Passed with Agriculture/PCB/PCBM




5 Years


12th Passed with Agriculture /PCB/PCM

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B.Sc. Forestry (Click Here)
M.Sc. AG (Agronomy) (Click Here)
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M.Sc. AG (Horticulture) (Click Here)

Salient features of Bhagwant Agriculture Farm:

1.       Farm spread into 50 acre area

2.       Nursery raising in 250 sqm

3.      Protected cultivation of capsicum and tomato

4.       Net house and Polyhouse with fogger and drip irrigation system

5.       Sprinkler irrigation system for open field

6.       Crop sown by seed dril

7.       Organic cultivation for demonstration

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             Sanjay Mishra

              M.Sc. AG (Bio Chemistry), MBA (HR),Ph.D*


              Head Of Department


              Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh

              M.Sc. AG, Ph.D. (Entomology)


              Associate Professor


             Dr. Raghvendra Tiwari

              M.Sc. AG, Ph.D.(GPB)


              Assistant Professor


              Dr. Amit Kumar Mishra

              M.Sc. AG, Ph.D. (Agril Ext. & Comm.)


              Assistant Professor


             Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh

              M.Sc. AG, Ph.D.


              Assistant Professor


              Dr. Mayank Chaturvedi

              M.Sc. AG (Economics),Ph.D.


              Assistant Professor


             Dr. Rajkumar Sharma

              M.Sc.,  Ph.D.


              Associate Professor


              Dr. Devesh Kr. Pandey

              M.Sc. AG ,Ph.D.


              Assistant Professor


             Vinay Kr. Singh

              M.Sc.,  Ph.D.*


              Assistant Professor


              Shivam Kr. Verma

              B.Sc., M.Sc.


              Assistant Professor


             Vikas Kumar

              M.Sc.,  Ph.D.*


              Assistant Professor


              Mylagani Rajesh

              B.Sc., M.Sc.*


              Assistant Professor


             Dr. Roop Kumar

              M.Sc. AG, Ph.D. (Agril Ext. & Comm.)


              Assistant Professor


              Santosh Kumar

              M.Sc. AG (Economics), Ph.D.*


              Assistant Professor


             Umesh Babu Mishra

              M.Sc. Agronomy, Ph.D.*


              Assistant Professor


              Anand Kumar Mishra

              M.Sc. AG (Extension Edu.)


              Assistant Professor


             Mukesh Kumar Bishnoi

              M.Sc. Horticulture, Ph.D.*


              Assistant Professor


              Devendra Kumar

              M.Sc. AG (Soil Science), Ph.D. (Pur.)


              Assistant Professor


             Ankit Kumar

              M.Sc. AG (Entomology), Ph.D. (Pur.)


              Assistant Professor


              Durgesh Nandan

              M.Sc. (Agronomy)


              Assistant Professor


             Pushpendra Kumar

              M.Sc. (Agronomy), Ph.D. (Pur.)


              Assistant Professor


              Rohit Kumar

              M.Sc. (Horticulture), Ph.D. (Pur.)


              Assistant Professor


             Abhishek Kumar

             M.Sc. (Horticulture), NET


              Assistant Professor


              Dr. Bindhya Prasad

              M.Sc., Ph.D. (Horticulture)


              Assistant Professor


             Ajay Kumar Gaur

              M.Sc. (Agronomy)


              Assistant Professor


              Thota. Anita 

              M.Sc. (Horticulture)


              Assistant Professor


             Bada Maheshwara Reddy

             B.Sc. AG, M.Sc.*


              Teaching Associate


             Er. Harsh Wardhan Dhakad

              M.Tech.* (Agril.)


              Assistant Professor


             Pingidi Soujanya

             M.Sc. (Horticulture)


              Assistant Professor


             Sonu Verma

             M.Sc. (Extension Education)


              Assistant Professor

        Yarragunta Peda Babu  

            B.Sc. (Agriculture),M.Sc.



              Teaching Associate


             Mohit Bhardwaj

             M.Sc. (Live Stock & Poultry Mgmt.)


              Assistant Professor

        Vipin Chaudhary  

            M.Tech (Agriculture)



              Assistant Professor


             Vipin Kumar Singh

             M.Sc. (Agriculture)


              Assistant Professor

        Sathikala Rakesh

            B.Sc., M.Sc.*(Agriculture)



              Assistant Professor