Bhagwant University is offering high quality education at affordable cost in niche areas. Due to the growing success of Bhagwant Group, many envious individuals, disgruntled ex-employees, failed students and their parents, and local competitors are filing frivolous complaints against group entities and empoyees. Bhagwant Group is determined to fight such elements. We will not bow down to pressures and compromise our commitment to society to offer higher education, professional education, technical education, research, training, and school education. We will respond to our competitors by providing better and better education. Their aim  to tarnish the image of Bhagwant Group has failed at every stage of lawsuit and frivolous complaints. Our commitment to the cause of education has has gone stronger with every failure of our adversaries to malign our image in fake controversies.  Our alumni are working at international and national level in MNCs, PSUs, central and state governments, entrepreneurs, higher education seekers in USA, Canada, Japan etc.They are our brand ambassadors and speak volumes about their professional training and industrial exposure at Bhagwant Group campuses in Ajmer, Muzaffarnagar and Ghaziabad, Chandpur, Bijnor etc.