Introduction Biotechnology is one of the most revolutionary and beneficial scientific advances of the last quarter century. It is an interdisciplinary science including not only biology but also subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and many more. It is also a conglomeration of various combined technologies applied to living cells for production of a particular product or enhancing its quality according to our preferences. Its application varies from agriculture to industry - food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-products, textiles, medicine, nutrition, environmental conservation, animal sciences etc., all this makes it one of the fastest growing fields.

Biotechnology combines disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology and cell biology, which are in turn linked to practical disciplines like chemical engineering, information technology and robotics.

As there is increasing popularity and explosive growth, there is plenty of opportunities available in Biotechnology field. You can be a Research Scientist, Teacher, Marketing manager, Science Writer, Bioinformists, Quality Control Officer or Production in-charge in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. Analyst (Venture-Capitalist)Environmental / Safety Specialist .Biotechnology companies require Corporate Executives with business/management Degrees. A graduate in Biotechnology can get job in government sectors such as Universities and Colleges, Research institutes or at Private Centers as Research scientists/assistants.

Lab technician: includes cleaning and maintaining equipment used by scientists and working on the various pieces of lab equipment as instructed.

Research associate: If you are interested in Research and Development, then becoming a Research Associate can provide an interesting career that allows you to carry out experiments under the instruction of established Scientists.

Research scientist: if you wish to enter the field at a high level, you may choose to become a Research Scientist. This involves working alongside established scientists to design and carry out experiments, then writing reports for future publication.

Engineer (Chemical, Electrical, Environmental and Industrial): This position would involve engaging in a range of projects from building robots to assisting with Research and Development.

Sales representative: As a sales representative, you would work with hospitals, doctors and a wide range of medical institutions to keep them aware of biotechnology's latest offerings, as well as trying to encourage their approval for your products over rival products in the market.

Marketing: In biotechnology marketing, you would manage and devise campaigns aimed at particular customer areas, through such methods as working with advertising agencies and maintaining a visible presence at medical conventions and trade shows.

Some of the companies in which Biotechnology Students can work are :

· India Vaccines Corporation

· Indo-American Hybrid seeds

· Hindustan Lever Ltd

· Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.

· Tata Engineering Research Institute

· National Center for Biotechnology Info (NBCI)

· Indian Engineering Services (IES)

· Indian Administrative Services (IAS)







B. Tech. (Regular)

4 Yrs.



Intermediate / Higher secondary (10+2) PCM with % as per AICTE Norms

B.Tech Biotechnology 1st Year (Regular)

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B.Tech Biotechnology (Regular)

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