The counseling center provides the services listed below free of charges

> Individual Counseling

> Group Counseling

> Co-counseling- means each partner provides the other with listening time and space-empathy

> Support networks

> Peer self help groups

> Referrals

> Relationship Counseling






> Problem solving Sessions and life skill training.

> Personality testing and development. (Test for self assessment followed by self help techniques.

> Consultation with full time counselor for your problems.

> Workshops and interactive sessions for all hostels.

> Institute level workshops for students

> Self help resources.

> Speech therapy and communication skills.

> Anxiety, Depression, Stress management and Time management


For an appointment

Student Counseling Service Room No. B-501  

Call Tel: +91-145-2789325


 -Just walk in and take appointment at the center.

 -The student is required to fill up a personal counseling Record sheet and leave his Contact number on it at the
center before leaving.



9:30 AM to 11:30 PM Monday to Saturday

Round the clock emergency services are available


Dr Neetee Mehta, Ph.D. Psychology is the Main Counselor assisted with staff.