The library has open access system along with a reading room facility. The Library houses a total collection of approx. 95,000 printed books (with more than 3675 titles) which includes Text books and Reference books in the field of Engineering and Technology, Agriculture, Law, Sciences and Humanities, English Literature and Fiction. The library has a rich collection of books procured from various renowned publishers. The library subscribes 69 magazines for the students as magazines plays an important role in an educational institution or organization and supply the variety of news on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, monthly etc.) and keep the users updated about the latest news and happenings taking place in our country as well as in the world at large. The library's has DELNET subscription.


The library provides regular membership to all the students, faculty members and employees of the Institute. After the enrolment with the Institute the student automatically becomes the member of the library. The number of books that can be borrowed by the library members is as follows:

Category of Member No. of Books that can be Issued Duration of Issue
Faculty Members 07 One Semester
Students/Research Scholars 02 16 Days

Circulation Service (Issue/Return)

The working hours for the issue & return of books are: Monday to Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Book Bank Facility

There is a Book Bank facility for the students in the library. Under this facility, the set of text books are issued individually to each student according to the prescribed syllabus who avails the Book Bank facility at the beginning of the Semester. The text books are issued for one semester (i.e. six months) and the Fees to avail the Book Bank facility for each Semester is as per norms.

Extension Service

The library offers extension services to the users for the maximum utilization of the library resources and services.


The library contains CDs/DVDs on different subjects.








To access DELNET facility (Click Here)


NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. The mission of NPTEL is to enhance the quality of Engineering education in the country by providing free online courseware. Visit Website

Virtual Labs                                                

Objectives of the Virtual Labs to provide remote-access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. These Virtual Labs would cater to students at the undergraduate level, post graduate level as well as to research scholars. Visit Website

Talk To Teacher                                                   

A-VIEW is an award winning indigenously built multi-modal, multimedia e-learning platform that provides an immersive e-learning experience that is almost as good as a real classroom experience developed by Amrita e-Learning Research Lab. Visit Website

Spoken Tutorial                               

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India. Visit Website Spoken Tutorials Report


Annually CEC organises Video Competition and Prakriti.Prakriti is an annual film festival on environment,human rights & development.Video Competition is an annual competition meant to nurture within media centres and other educational institutes in the country. Visit Website


e-Yantra is an initiative to incorporate Robotics into engineering education with the objective of engaging students and teachers through exciting hands-on application of math, computer science, and engineering principles. Visit Website

Digital Library Inflibnet                   

The UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium was formally launched in December, 2003 by Honourable Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the President of India soon after providing the Internet connectivity to the universities in the year 2003 under the UGC-Infonet programme. Visit Website

Quantum & Nano Computing    

The Quantum-Nano Centre is a multidisciplinary centre at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra set up under MHRD National Mission on Education through ICT, with partners as IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras, besides several international collaborators. Visit Website

Aakash Educational Portal                 

The ERP mission is to Implement, maintain, improve, and support the County's integrated financial, procurement, human resource and payroll information systems. Visit Website


This project is aimed to develop an automatic Indian Sign Language education and recognition platform for hearing impaired students of India. The system can substantially help in the primary/vocational/higher education of hearing impaired students and people of India. The framework is proposed to be extended to 14 different languages of India with extensive interactive features in the audio-visual mode. . Visit Website


Project OSCAR (Open Source Courseware Animations Repository) provides a repository of web-based interactive animations and simulations, that we refer to as learning objects (LOs). These learning objects span topics in science and engineering at the college level, and maths and science at the school level. Students and teachers can view, run and download these learning objects. Visit Website


FOSSEE project is part of the National Mission on Education through ICT with the thrust area being "Adaptation and deployment of open source simulation packages equivalent to proprietary software, funded by MHRD, based at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). Visit Website


This project on 'Creating Digital-learning Environment for Design' also called 'e-kalpa' is sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India as part of the National Mission in Education through Information and Communication Technology. Visit Website

Pedagogy Project

This project is an experiment to systematically design and develop learner-centric curricula, suitable for outcome-based learning for 4 year degree programmes in six major engineering disciplines. This project is NOT, yet another attempt to develop content, although each curriculum document is expected to include around 80 pages of course notes and 120-125 self assessment problems and solutions. Visit Website

Virtual Learning Environment                        

VLE, an online environment of e-resources caters to several disciplines taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is an initiative of Institute of Life-Long Learning, University of Delhi. Conceived in 2012, VLE today boasts state of art material that addresses emerging needs of a diverse student body, not only of Delhi University but other universities as well. Drawing from several successful Moodle models, the multi-media interactive contents loaded on VLE are categorized discipline-wise. Visit Website

Text Transcription                      

The main objective of ICT text transcription project is to create accurate text transcriptions of all NPTEL video lectures in engineering sciences from Phase I and other metadata for video indexing and searching. Visit Website

Aakash Educational Portal            

This project envisions empowerment of teachers, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. Thousands have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, and of the resulting open source contents. Visit Website

OSS For Maths Edu.                             

Project consists of organizing four workshops (of 5 days each) for popularization of Open Source Mathematical Software at the National level in the educational field. The aim of the workshops will be to familiarize the participants to Mathematical Software for teaching and learning of Mathematics. Visit Website

SOS Tools                                                                           

Software and simulation packages are useful tools for the analysis of systems and solving problems by the students of Science, Social Science, Engineering, Management and related disciplines. Visit Website

Material Science & Engg. (E-Book)

Visit Website: Http://Home.Iitk.Ac.In/~Anandh/E-Book/

Student Result

Text Trancription Of Technical Video

Visit Website: Http://Textofvideo.Nptel.Iitm.Ac.In/

Virtual Learning Environment

Visit Website: Http://Vle.Du.Ac.In

T&D Module - Managerial & Non-Managerial Personnel Http://Ismdhanbad.Ac.In/Elearning/

Vocational Education Programmes (E-Content)

Visit Website: Http://Dei-Vocational.Com/

UG & PG Courses In English Lang. & Lit. (E-Content)

Visit Website: Https://Nmeictproject/

Bug Tracking System

Visit Website: Http://

Payroll Management System

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